I know what you might be thinking: you love the ZIA FIA packaging, but you can't help wondering if this skincare will end up being another disappointment... and to be honest, I’d probably be wondering the same …except this isn’t ordinary skincare. 


This was created by me, a regular West Aussie girl with a successful beauty business who was sick and tired of imported skincare with excessive plastic packaging, full of nasties like Parabens, mineral oils & SLS’ that didn’t work. And why was it so hard to find skincare that my clients and I could keep using when I had a fake tan or spray tan without fading it or making it patchy!?


Surely there was something out there that was tox-free, actually worked, was fake tan friendly and Australian made…but do you reckon I could find anything?? Nope. And I tried everything! 


So I decided the only solution was to make my own with the help of Perth-based skincare experts!  

Welcome to the ultimate face kit: everything you need for glowing, hydrated, fresh skin the tox-free fake tan friendly way. Loved by sensitive skin, with unique hydrating non-oily formulas, the best of the West meets the best of the East in this limited edition kit combining beautiful tox-free local West Australian made skincare with the ancient Oriental face toning ritual black jade Gua Sha & facial roller set. 


Excited!? You should be! It’s my dream skincare kit, I reckon it’s yours too. 

The Ultimate Face Kit | For Women

  • Your Kit includes everything you need for beautiful skin - the luxury tox-free ZIA FIA way:

    ·    The Ultimate Face Cream 45g
    ·    Rose Clay Face Bar 
    ·    Coco-Macadamia Face Scrub Bar
    ·    Luxury Black Jade Gua Sha & Double Facial Roller

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