If there was only ever ONE tox-free skincare switch that you ever make, it should e your lip-care!


Here's 3 reasons why:


  1. If a product is going on your lips, you will probably end up ingesting some of it - so you definitely want it to be all natural and tox-free!!!
  2. Your lips can become sensitised to the sun from certain ingredients - and they can be prone to sun damage as much as anywhere else, so switching to a non-sensitising tox-free formula is best especially as even some natural ingedients such as essential oils can be sun sensitising. Combine our formula with sunscreen and/or a hat and you are well protected! And perhaps the most important...
  3. You kiss your baby & loved ones with those lips! So best make sure that it's a beautifully natural mild formula that won't react on even the most sensitive of skin.


So what's in the Lip Duo? It features our new Lip Balm in Apricot Orange which doubles as a soothing balm for dry hands and our delicious Lip Scrub made with organic Hibiscus, Apricot & sweet orange oil for luscious smooth lips.


And because ZIA FIA's lip formulas are all natural and soothing, the lip balm actually doubles as an amazing hand balm especially for those who have dry skin from the cleaning/building/hospitality/mining or beauty industries! Just rub some on your lips, then rub the rest into your hands.


Healthy, beautiful lips don't happen by accident - especially in the summer heat!


1 x The Ultimate Lip Balm - Apricot Orange

1 x The Ultimate Lip Scrub - Hibiscus, Apricot & Orange 

Scrub & Balm Duo for Lips + Hands