I get it. You want to commit to cleansing morning and night, but having a wet face cloth hanging around the bathroom messes up your benchtops and it starts to look uninviting with a slight smell after just a few days. And don't even start on the annoyance of travelling with face cloths, damp and yuck in a plastic travel pack somewhere in your suitcase. Ew.

Enter your daily cleansing dream: the konjac sponge. 

Not only is it made from a plant, so is 100% biodegradeable but it also can be hung on a string to dry hard inbetween uses! Genius! 

Pop it under running water and it magically becomes soft like a amrshmallow, ready to use with your favourite cleanser (which is the Zia Fia solid face cleanser right?!) 

Not only is it a dream because it dries in-between uses making it perfect for travel, it also has incredible skin benefits!


  • a konjac sponge gently exfoliates to give a deeper clean
  • double cleanse to easily remove makeup, dirt and grime
  • konjac sponges help reduce acne breakouts and unclog congested skin
  • one konjac sponge lasts three months


Try one of these eco-wonder, clear skin sponges and never look back!

Konjac Sponge