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About Zia Fia.

Made out west
for Australian skin.

There’s something a bit wild about Western Australia.


Out here, the sunsets glow redder, flowers bloom brighter, and the rain takes on a rich sweetness like nowhere else.


It’s a special kind of place. And it’s one we’re proud to call home.


Somewhere deep in Bardi country (just a quick 20 hour drive from Perth), we make products using ingredients sourced from the very best West Australia has to offer.


Wild harvested Kakadu Plum. Quandong. Desert Lime.

These native botanicals are packed with beneficial antioxidants that nourish your skin and leave it feeling fresh and glowy.


Botanical skincare
for nature loving minimalists.


As far as our skincare goes, complicated isn’t it.


Multi-step routines and products made for specific body parts might help to sell more units. But ultimately it leads to bathroom cabinets stuffed with unused jars and bottles.


At Zia Fia, we believe in keeping it simple. Simple products and a simple skincare routine.


Our foundational products are designed to work together to care for your body and skin. Made using only plant-based, non-toxic, natural (or as-close-to-natural-as-possible) ingredients. Formulated by us to give you results while being as gentle as possible.

Kind to you,
and the planet.

Our commitment to simple, kind skincare goes beyond what we put into our products. At Zia Fia, we’re focused on creating products with as little impact on the environment as we possibly can.


Sourcing local where possible minimises the distance our raw materials need to travel to get to us. Product packaging is designed to be reused and refilled over and again (and then recycled at the end of its life).


Online orders are protected using shredded paper from our local library and packing peanuts and bubble wrap dropped off to us by nearby customers.


We’re also introducing a refill system so you can top up your glass containers at home using biodegradable refill pouches. And in the future, we hope to offer refill systems across all our in store stockists.


Meet Sophia,
the founder of Zia Fia.


“I started Zia Fia with the goal to create skincare that’s kind to your skin and kind to the environment. With ultra hydrating plant and flower extracts, it's my dream skincare. And I'm sure it will become yours too!”


Naturally good skincare?
Join the club.

The Luxury Box Club is our way of rewarding our customers by offering a discount on our regular priced products plus the chance to test new products before they go on sale.


Every month a new box is delivered which contains at least two full sized products plus other luxury goodies from our range. And active box club members receive a 30% discount code so you can reorder your favourite products for less.


This is the perfect self-care subscription box if you love West Australian hand-made and small batch tox-free skincare.

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